Electronics Yorkshire Training Centre
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Tel: 0113 274 4270Email: info@electronicsyorkshire.org.uk

Electronics Yorkshire’s Training Centre offers IPC and skills courses

Practical skills training at Electronics YorkshireElectronics Yorkshire’s Training Centre offers courses created to meet the needs of the electronics industry in the UK.

Skilled staff, working to defined standards, is the hallmark of many a successful business; and this is no less true for electronics manufacturing than for any other industry.

The Electronics Yorkshire Training Centre has established an enviable reputation with electronics businesses right across the UK and abroad. It is respected by major national electronics operations as a key resource for the industry.


Our training courses and resources

We offer:

  • IPC training and electronics skills training nationwide
  • Training at our advanced technology centre or at your premises
  • Courses on meeting standards and courses on practical skills
  • A shop to buy IPC materials such as standards, PCBs, DVDs and Videos

We can train your team to understand and apply the relevant standard or to use the appropriate skills, or we can deliver ‘train the trainer’ courses so that you become self-sufficient, handling your own training internally.

Our customers return year after year for their training because of the excellence of our course delivery, our in-depth knowledge and experience, and our passion for customer service.

Electronics Yorkshire Training Centre - your best training partner.


IPC Certification Training

Electronics Yorkshire is the primary IPC Centre in the UK authorised to deliver the full range of IPC certification courses to trainers and staff across all five practical and classroom-based programmes.


Electronics Skills Training

Industry standard and tailor-made practical training courses are available at the fully-equipped centre in Leeds or, in some cases, on-site at your premises.


Training your own staff

You can train your own staff at our site, too. Book our extensive facilities and carry out training away from workplace distractions; call us on 0800 610 1601 to discuss this option.


Equipment at our Centre

Visit our Technology Centre site to see full details of the equipment available at our Centre